English (Profile)

Club name:Friendship Force Gifu (FF Gifu)
Closest airport: Chubu International Airport
Transportation between the airport and Gifu-shi by Meitetsu-line:
Chubu International Airport station → Meitetsu Gifu station
(Meitetsu Limited Express: 56 min.\1,700 per person)

The maximum number of ambassadors our club can host:14 ambassadors

About the club:FF Gifu club which started in Toki-shi (a suburb of Gifu-shi) was founded in 1984. Our members are about 30 families. We really hope young members will take part in our activities.
Most of club members live in several cities near Gifu-shi within 1 hour drive from JR Gifu station. But several members live in Aichi-ken and it will take about 1 to 2 hours by car.

President:Ms. Keiko Matsubara. E-mail: kmatsufriendshipforce@yahoo.co.jp
Secretary:Ms. Fumiko Shichi. E-mail: fumiko7@orchid.plala.or.jp

About the exchanges:We have 2 exchange programs every year (1 outbound and 1 inbound). When the ambassadors stay with host families, we have a welcome party and/or a farewell party that all ambassadors, host families, and club members may attend. We usually arrange one day optional bus tours such as Shirakawa-go tour, Takayama tour, Magome-juku tour, and Kyoto tour. These tours will cost \6,000~\10,000 per person. Besides these two events, our exchanges committee prepares the experience of Japanese traditional cultures such as Origami folding, Calligraphy, Tea ceremony, Flower arrangement, and Kimono wearing etc..

About the region and climate:Gifu-shi is the capital of Gifu-ken and almost in the middle of Japan. The population is approximately 420,000 and it covers an area of 196.2. Gifu castle is famous as the residence of General Nobunaga Oda and Lord Dosan Saito who ruled these districts in the 16th century. And the grandest spectacle that Gifu-shi has to offer is the 1300-year-old tradition of Cormorant Fishing on the Nagara River.
Spring and fall are good seasons to visit Gifu. The temperature during these seasons is between 13 ℃ and 27 ℃. Early April, when cherry blossoms are usually in full bloom, is the perfect season for your visit. The rainy season starts in mid-June and lasts about a month. Japan’s summer is extremely humid. In fall the air is fresh and autumn foliage shines beautifully.